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Welcome to Controllaview, the leading manufacturer of glazing solutions for doors. With our extensive range of products, we offer versatile and high-quality Vision Panels to meet all your project and functional needs. Our Vision Panels are meticulously designed to enhance the aesthetics, functionality, and security of your doors. Discover the possibilities and unlock the full potential of your spaces with Controllaview’s exceptional Vision Panels.

Single Glazed Vision Panels
Simplistic Design with Enhanced Vision and Security

Controllaview presents Single Glazed Vision Panels, designed to provide a simplified yet effective solution for enhanced vision and security in various environments. These panels offer a clear line of sight, ensuring optimal visibility and safety. 

Acoustic Vision Panels
Privacy and Noise Control Perfected

Controllaview’s Acoustic Vision Panels are the ultimate solution for spaces that demand privacy and noise control. Our Acoustic Vision panels excel in reducing sound transmission, creating an environment of tranquility and productivity. Experience the perfect harmony of privacy and open space design as our Acoustic Vision Panels seamlessly integrate visual connectivity and acoustic insulation.

Venetian Vision Panels
Unmatched Privacy and Functional Excellence

Controllaview’s Venetian Vision Panels combine the art of glazing with adjustable blinds, providing you with unparalleled control over privacy and light levels. Perfect for spaces that require adaptable privacy management, such as meeting rooms, offices, or educational facilities.

Customisation and Design:
Tailored to Your Project Requirements

Controllaview understands the importance of customisation to meet your unique project needs. Our Vision Panels can be tailored to your specifications, including frame materials, glass types, finishes, and sizes. Collaborate with our team of experts to seamlessly integrate our Vision Panels into your existing architectural design.

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