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Blockout Blinds

For when there is no substitute for privacy.

Controllaview Blockout Blinds are the optimal solution to privacy applications. Commonly used for clean rooms, day surgeries, operating theatres, therapy & treatment rooms.

These blinds are available as either manually operated Vision Panels in our standard sizes (see Vision Panel page for further information) or as an electrically operated stand alone unit.

Technical Drawing

*Not to scale
Spacer Width Side Rail (D) Bottom Rail (C) Top Rail (B)
27.1mm  15mm 15mm 47mm

The drawing above is a example of our blockout panel spacer. All electric components are located inside the head rail and are completely sealed inside the unit.

The units are supplied with a wall switch for operation. A remote can be supplied as an extra upon request. The units have a positive and negative wire extending from the panel and will need to be wired into the supplied wall switch by a certified electrician.

Electrical Specifications


Rated Torque (N.m)

Rated Speed (rpm)

Tube Diameter (mm)

Rated Voltage (V)

Rated Power (W)

Rated Current (A)

Degree of Protection (1P)

Max Number of Turns

L1/l2 (mm)

0.5/34 0.5 34 24 24 6.1 0.25 20 60 112/117
0.7/34  0.7 34 24 24 10 0.46 20 60 121/126
0.7/45  0.7 45 24 24 6 0.25 20 60 126/131

Control Options






- 240VAC to 24VDC.

- 30w total power.

- Up to 20 channels.

- Remote control directly pairable to receiver

- Raise, lower & tilt function

- Up to 200m range


Colour Selection

Our blockout blinds are currently available in a white only colour. The internal framing will be coloured to match.