• Controlled Design

    Controllaview Venetians in Double Glazed Units are suitable for a wide range of applications, including Medical, Healthcare, Correctional Centres, Education, Commercial, Office, Residential and Apartment uses.
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  • Controlled Aesthetics

    Controllaview can be specified with an extensive range of finishes and glass types. Choose a standard white/cream or high quality metallic or timber effects, then choose from energy efficient or high-impact glass options.
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  • Controlled Solutions

    Controllaview Venetians in Glass can be specified with an extensive range of glazing options, including Energy Performance Glass, Laminated Glass, Toughened Glass or even High Temperature Protection Glass.
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Welcome to Controllaview...

Controllaview Venetians in Double Glazing

Controllaview venetians in double glazed units are high quality, hermetically sealed glass units incorporating integrated venetian blinds which are custom manufactured in a range of finishes and are suitable for interior 
and exterior glazing applications throughout Australia.

The advanced double glazed venetian technology eliminates cords, ensures alignment, requires no maintenance and provides the ideal privacy solution. Controllaview blinds aesthetic appeal are further complemented by improved thermal performance and sound insulating properties.

Controllaview double glazed venetian blind assemblies can be configured in a wide range of glass types, and are available in both manual and electric tilt/lift versions. A varied range of profiles are also available, which ensures that Controllaview venetian blind assemblies suit almost every requirement.

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